Oleg Viktorovich


International order nº: 529

Russian cosm. nº: 112

Personal data:

Birth date:  12 Oct 1971
Birthplace:  Cherven, Cherven District, Minsk Region / Russian SFSR
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Grade / Fonction:  
Selection date:  11 Oct 2006
Selection group:  TsPK-14
Job:  Test Cosmonaut (TC)
Status:  active
Novitsky Oleg



No Launch Spacecraft Date and time
of launch (UT)
Status while
of landing
Date and time
of landing (UT)
1 Soyuz TMA-06M 23 Oct 2012
Cdr - ISS-33/34 Soyuz TMA-06M 16 March 2013
143d 16h 15m
2 Soyuz MS-03 17 Nov 2016
Cmd - ISS-50/51 Soyuz MS-03 02 June 2017
196d 17h 49m 48s
3 Soyuz MS-18 09 Apr 2021
07:42:41 UTC
Cmd - ISS-64/65 Soyuz MS-18 17 Oct 2021
04:35:44 UTC
190d 20h 53m
Total duration: 531d 06h 57m 48s


Date Time (UTC) of
Duration Crew & Remarks
02 jun 2021 UT 7h 19m Novitsky and P.Dubrov; mission ISS-Exp.64
The cosmonauts prepared Pirs for removal from its port by the uncrewed Progress MS-16 cargo ship on the Earth-facing side of Zvezda, clearing the way for the arrival of the new Russian Multi-Purpose Laboratory Module named "Nauka", In addition, they replaced the replaceable panel of the fluid flow regulator of the thermal regime of the functional cargo block (FGB) and they installed the necessary equipment for scientific space experiments "Test" and "Endurance" on the outer surface of the Poisk module.
03 Sep 2021 UT 7h 54m Novitsky and P.Dubrov; mission ISS-Exp.64
The work included the routing of cable connections to the MLM-U Nauka, the installation of handrails on the MLM-U Nauka and the laying of an Ethernet cable between Nauka and Zvezda.
09 Sep 2021 UT 7h 25m Novitsky and P.Dubrov; mission ISS-Exp.64
Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov completed the external outfitting of Nauka. They finished the laying out of power and data cables between Nauka and the Zvezda Service Module.
Total: 22h 38m EVAs: 3

Backup assignments:

No. Mission Description Date
1  Soyuz TMA-04M  Cmd  15 May 2012
2  Soyuz MS-01  Cmd  07 July 2016
3  Soyuz MS-17  Cmd  14 October 2020

Additional information:

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