Christopher John


International order nº: 506

US astr. nº: 328

Personal data:

Birth date:  04 Jan 1970
Birthplace:  Salem / Massachusetts
Marital status:  married with Julie H. Byrd
Children:  three
Selection date:  06 May 2004
Selection group:  NASA-19
Job:  MSP
Status:  active


Date and time
launch (UT)
Status while
of landing
Date and time
landing (UT)
1 STS-127
15 July 2009
31 July 2009
14h 48m
15d 16h 45m
2 Soyuz TMA-08M 28 Mar 2013
20h 43m
Flight Engineer
ISS Exp.35/36
Soyuz TMA-08M 11 Sep 2013
02h 58m
166d 06h 15m
3 Soyuz MS-16 09 Apr 2020
08:05:06 UT
FE- ISS-62/63 Soyuz MS-16 22 Oct 2020
02:54:06.8 UTC
195d 18h 49m
Total duration: 377d 17h 49m


Date of
Time of
Duration Crew & Remarks
22 July 2009 - UT 5h 59m Cassidy and D.Wolf; mission STS-127
Preparing the exposed facility for experiment transfers and replace two out of the six batteries (four were planned) on the port side truss where they are housed to provide power for the truss.
24 July 2009 - UT 7h 12m Cassidy and T.Marshburn; mission STS-127
Replacing the final four batteries on the port truss.
27 July 2009 - UT 4h 54m Cassidy and T.Marsburn; mission STS-127
Removing covers from the Dextre robotic arm, reconfigure cables on a panel for some circuit breakers and deploy two additional payload attachment systems. They also installed a second camera that will provide video of experiments on the aft end of the exposed facility, a work, which was originally scheduled for EVA 4. Finally, they replaced an aging camera system on the starboard truss. Instead some get ahead tasks were completed which included installation of handrails and a portable foot restraint.
11 May 2013 UT 5h 30m Cassidy and T. Marsburn; mission ISS
Inspection and replacement of a pump controller box on the station’s far port truss (P6) suspected of leaking ammonia coolant.
09 Jul 2013 UT 6h 07m Cassidy and L. Parmitano; mission ISS
The astronauts replaced a space-to-ground communications receiver and wireless video equipment and installed power and cables for a Russian multipurpose laboratory module that will be launched later in 2013. The new module will serve as a research facility, docking port and airlock for future Russian spacewalks and will replace the Pirs module.
16 Jul 2013 UT 1h 32m Cassidy and L. Parmitano; mission ISS
The spacewalk was terminated after just one hour due to an unexplained build up of water inside the space suit helmet of European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano.
26 June 2020 - UT 6h 07m C. Cassidy and Behnken; mission "Dragon DM2 / Exp.63".
It was the first in a series of spacewalks dedicated to replacing batteries on the far end of the station′s starboard truss. The existing nickel-hydrogen batteries were upgraded with newer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries.
01 July 2020 - UT 6h 01m C. Cassidy and Behnken; mission "Dragon DM2 / Exp.63".
The duo continued to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with more powerful lithium-ion batteries (working site: S6 Channel 1B battery R&R A-F). In addition they routed communication cables.
16 July 2020 - UT 6h 00m C. Cassidy and Behnken; mission "Dragon DM2 / Exp.63".
The astronauts continued to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with more powerful lithium-ion batteries (working site: S6 Channel 3B battery R&R A-F). They removed all six older nickel-hydrogen batteries for the truss′ power system and installed three new lithium-ion batteries.
21 July 2020 - UT 5h 29m C. Cassidy and Behnken; mission "Dragon DM2 / Exp.63".
Their first task was to install a protective unit to store tools for use by the Canadian Space Agency′s Dextre robot. The astronaut duo then worked on removing two lifting fixtures, prepared the outside of the Tranquility module for the arrival later this year of the Nanoracks commercial airlock, routed ethernet cables and removed a lens filter cover from an external camera.
Total: 54h 51m EVAs: 10

Backup assignments:

No. Mission Job Date
1  Soyuz TMA-06M  Flight Engineer  23 Oct 2012

Additional information:

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