Soyuz TM-12


Manned Flight nº: 141

Earth orbit Flight nº: 138

USSR Flight n°: 72

Launch & orbit data:

Designation 21311 / 91034A
Launch date - time 18 May 1991 - 12:50:28 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1
Launch vehicle  Soyuz 11A511U2
OKB name - S/N° Soyuz 7K-STM (11F732) s/n° 62
Mass (kg) 7.150
Call Sign Oson (Ozone)
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 389 / 397 km
   - Inclination 51.6°
   - Period 92.4 min

Docking & landing data:

Docking date - time 20 May 1991 - 14:30:43 UT
Target spacecraft/port Mir/fore
Undocking date - time 
Redocking date - time  UT
Target spacecraft/port Mir/Kvant
Undocking date - time 09 Oct 1991 - 20:55:08 UT
Deorbit burn date - time 
Landing date - time 10 Oct 1991 - 04:12:18 UT
Landing location 67 km SE of Arkalyk
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 144:15:22
Nbr orbits 
Landing crew Artzebarsky, Aubakirov, Viehböch
 (crew TM-12 & TM-13)

Krikalev landed with Soyuz TM-13 on 25 Mar 1992
Sharman landed with Soyuz TM-11 on 26 Mai 1991

Launch Crew (EO-9)

Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Artsebarsky  Anatoli Pavlovich  Commander 144d 15h 21m  2288 
2  Krikalyov  Sergei Konstantinovich  Flight engineer 311d 20h 01m  4934 
3  Sharman  Helen Patricia  Research cosmonaut 7d 21h 13m  124 

Sharman is the first British space traveller and her participation in the mission is part of Project Juno, which is financed by the Moskva Narodniy Bank and has no connection with the British government.

Backup Crew

Nr. Name Job
1  Volkov, Aleksandr A.  Commander
2  Kaleri, Aleksandr Y.  Flight engineer
2  Mace, Timothy C.  Research cosm.

2nd Backup crew: Viktorenko Aleksandr S. & Avdeyev Sergei.

Food fight on Mir

Food fight on Mir - Credit: RKK Energia.

Mir Strela

Mir Strela - Cosmonaut uses Mir Strela Boom - Credit: RKK Energia.

Mission details:

Mir Expedition EO-09. Carried Anatoli Artsebarski, Sergei Krikalev, Helen Sharman to Mir; returned Artsebarski, crew of Soyuz TM 8 to Earth. Second commercial flight with paying British passenger. Sponsoring British consortium was not quite able to come up with money, however. Flight continued at Soviet expense with very limited UK experiments.

Mir EVA - Sfora arm

Mir EVA - Sfora arm - Cosmonaut on Strela boom silhouted against solar panel. - Credit: RKK Energia.

Soyuz TM-12

Soyuz TM-12 - Sharman after landing. - Credit: RKK Energia.

Astrophilately covers:

Soyuz TM-12

Launch cancel and special Baikonur cancel.

Soyuz TM-12

Cosmic Mail: with octagonal Mir boardcancel and octagonal docking date cancel 200591, signed by the crew.

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