Soyuz TM-5


Manned Flight nº: 119

Earth orbit Flight nº: 116

USSR Flight nº: 65

Launch & orbit data:

Designation 19204 / 88048A
Launch date - time 07 Jun 1988 - 14:03:13 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1
Launch vehicle  Soyuz 11A511U2
OKB name - S/Nº Soyuz 7K-STM (11F732) s/nº 55.
Mass (kg) 7.000
Flight Crew (EP-2) Solovyov, Anatoly (CDR)
Savinykh, Viktor (FE)
Aleksandrov, Aleksandr (CR)
Call Sign Rodnik (Spring - water spring)
Earth orbit on :
  - Perigee / Apogee 196 / 216 km
  - Inclination 51.6°
  - Period 88.6 min

Docking & landing data:

Docking date - time 09 Jun 1988 - 15:57:10 UT
Target spacecraft/port Kvant/
Undocking date - time 05 Sep 1988 - 23:54:57 UT
Separate: 06 Sep 1998
Deorbit burn date - time 07 Sep 1988 - 00:00:54 UT
(third attempt)
Landing date - time 07 Sep 1988 - 00:49:38 UT
Landing location 46°N, 69°E
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 91.45 days
Nbr orbits 
Landing crew Lyakhov V., Mohmand A.
 (crew TM-6)


Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Soloviyov  Anatoli Yakovlevich  Commander 9d 20h 09m  156 
2  Savinykh  Viktor Petrovich  Flight engineer 9d 20h 09m  156 
3  Alexandrov  Alexandr Panayatov  Research cosm. - Bulgaria 9d 20h 09m  156 

Solovyov, Savinykh and Aleksandrov landed with Soyuz TM-4 on 17 Jun 1988

Backup Crew

Nr. Name Job
1  Lyakhov, Vladimir A.  Commander
2  Serebrov, Aleksandr A.  Flight engineer
2  Stoyanov, Krasimir M.  Research cosm.

Mir panel Mir panel - Credit: RKK Energia.

Transported to the Mir orbital station a Soviet/Bulgarian crew comprising cosmonauts A Y Solovyev, V P Savinykh and A P Aleksandrov (Bulgaria) to conduct joint research and experiments with cosmonauts V G Titov and M K Manarov. Interim orbit 343 x 282 km. Maneuvered to Mir's 355 x 349 km orbit. Docked 15:57 GMT 9 June to Mir's aft port. Moved to forward port 18 June. Undocked 22:55 GMT 5 September. Jettisoned Orbital Module 23:35 GMT 5 September. Planned landing 6 September 1988 (02:15) failed due to confusion of infrared horizon sensors. Repeat retrofire attempt one orbit later resulted in a partial burn only. The crew had to spend a tense 24 hours in the cramped Descent Module (the Orbital Module having already been jettisoned before the retrofire burn) before making last chance deorbit. Finally Lyakhov and Afghani cosmonaut Mohmand (Soyuz TM-6) returned safely to Earth and landed September 7, 1988 00:50 GMT, 160 km SE Dzhezkazgan.

Astrophilately covers:

Soyuz TM-5

New launch cancel Baikonur, send registrated.

Soyuz TM-5

Cosmic Mail: Special Bulgarian and Russian docking cancel: 09.06.88. Mir five-side and octagonal boardcancel, signed by crew and TM-4 resident crew: Titov and Manarov.

Soyuz TM-5

Landing cancel Dzhezkazgan, signed by crew Lyakhov V. and Mohmand A..

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